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 App Zanza

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PostSubject: App Zanza    2012-09-12, 00:34

Name :Ivan Martone
What are the languages that you speak:Ita,eng so and so
The way you communicate MSN XFire mIRC (address):mavaffanculoedisponibile0
Used another name:No
How will you contribute to xHoWx:
Why do you want to join:How clan seriously
Past clans: PE,s7p,IbS
How long you have been playing any GTA Multiplayer:2 years
What games are u playing:cod4 SA:MP MTA
do you have team speak 3:yep
Weapons of choice:Deagle /Snip MTA SA:MP Deagle /Shot Spas/silenced
Skill in the game:
War: 10 /9
Race: 10 /5
Drift: 10 /8
Extra skills:kick all LOL
Comments i hope you accept me
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App Zanza
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